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Q:What does a TV Host do in a typical day?
A:It's a day spent entirely in motion. I am constantly on the go; working in the TV industry, attending Hollywood functions, traveling to exotic locales, and volunteering in my community.

Q:Why don't you answer all of your fan mail?
A:Unfortunately, my busy schedule does not leave me enough spare time to answer each and every one of your fabulous fan letters. So, I have dedicated this entire page to you, the fabulous fans.


Q:Okay, have you modified your face and body in any way that your fans should know about?
A:My eye color and my facial features are 100% me. It's in the genes, I guess.

Q:What's the secret behind your skin?
A:Minimal sun exposure, maximum sunscreen, lots of H2O, and healthy living.

Q:What's in the McLeod makeup bag?
A:I always carry tinted moisturizer with sunscreen, an eyelash comb for the mascara clumps, and bronzing stick so my face is sunkissed at all times.

Q:Any female friendly celebrity makeup tips you can share?
A:The best tip I ever got from a professional makeup artist is to apply your eye makeup completely before applying makeup to your face. This will keep your face clean of any excess shadow.

Q:Do Hollywood blondes really have more fun?
A:I have been blonde, red, and black but my hair is naturally brown. I would say brunettes have the most fun!

Q:How do you tame the McLeod mane?
A:I have a superabundance of straight hair. To keep it in check, my hair stylist, Andy LaCompt, thins it with a razor and cuts my hair into layers to frame my face.

Q:Do you highlight your hair?
A:Yes, but my colorist, Christopher Pierce, always applies a base color before painting on "tone on tone" highlights. The French call his highlighting technique bayalage but Americans understand it as not using foils.

Q:What's your biggest beauty indulgence?
A:Definitely my collection of professional salon blow dryers. I have one for every continent.


Q:How can I get a body by McLeod?
A:It's a combination of eating healthy and being very active. For my lower bod, it's all about running, hiking, and mountain biking. For my upper bod, it's all about lifting weights and ab crunches. Even on vacation I try to stay active by swimming, surfing, or taking a local walking tour.

Q:Do you follow fad diets?
A:No, my diet is the common sense diet. I do not deprive myself of any foods but I do try to avoid soft drinks, fast food, and processed foods. I rarely eat meat, but I am big on seafood, fruits, and vegetables. I also try to eat vegetarian when possible.

Q:Do you ever relax?
A:Not really! But cooking is one way I unwind. The cookbooks, I have broken the bindings on lately are Williams Sonoma's "FISH" and Marie Oser's "The Enlightened Kitchen."

Q:What would you say is the McLeod health mantra?
A:Health is Wealth. If you have your health you can accomplish anything in life.


Q:What do you think of the current state of reality TV?
A:As a viewer, I much prefer shows that uplift and enlighten me and that give the participants the opportunity to pursue their dreams than those that exploit and go for shock value.

Q:Do you miss Trading Spaces?
A:I most certainly miss interacting with my castmates and the homeowners, shooting the "Alex Cam" and having all those great decorating ideas at my fingertips. I especially miss the TS fans, but through the magic of re-runs on TLC, I will always be there for you!


Q:What's your ideal TV project?
A:I have always thought your vocation should be your vacation. Therefore, I am always on the lookout for groundbreaking TV concepts, book projects, and product lines that align with my love of exotic travel, current events, politics, cooking, and you guessed it, decorating! My ideal TV project is a show that embraces the most heroic and noble of human endeavor.

Q:What do you see yourself doing in ten years?
A:I see myself as an entrepreneur, a philanthropist, and definitely married!

Q:So, what are you doing next?
A:Stay tuned to this website and find out!

Special thanks to website fan Q & A consultant, Kate Federowicz.

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Alex McLeod
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