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Alex McLeod


"During my time as an Executive Producer at TLC I had the pleasure of working with Alex McLeod on the first season of Trading Spaces. She was my hands-down choice for host. Alex is an intuitive television host/performer with a great sense of comedy and timing. She has a winning way with people and audiences love her."
-Stephen Schwartz, former Executive Producer/Trading Spaces, currently CEO New Harbor Entertainment

"Alex is not only a pleasure to work with, but her dynamic personality is perfect for the energy and spirit of the red carpet. She is smart, sassy and confident, and more than holds her own with the Hollywood stars."

-Hillary Depuy, former Producer/Starz Movie News, currently Promotions Producer HD Net

"Each year, thousands of American Eagle Outfitters associates, management and executives gather together for an all-hands meeting in Pittsburgh.  In a nutshell, this is a discerning audience that demands a genuine, entertaining and highly professional host.  Alex McLeod delivered on all counts.  She was able to pick up on our company’s down-to-earth culture and create a tone that resonated with a highly diverse team of people and held their attention.  Additionally, she was flexible and maintained a very positive attitude throughout the entire process.  We welcome the opportunity to work with Alex again." 

-Susan McGalla, President and Chief Merchandising Officer/American Eagle Outfitters, Inc.

"Alex McLeod was one of the two co-hosts that I had the pleasure of working with on A&E’s travel entertainment series “Best of Both Worlds.”  We put Alex through some rough-and-tumble assignments and she came through with flying colors.  Her on-camera poise and wit shined through every scene she starred in.  I greatly valued her sense of humor and adventure --- so did the audience I’m sure."

-John X. Kim, Executive Producer/Granada America New York

"Alex McLeod is a consummate professional whose talent for connecting with viewers and consumers is an invaluable asset particularly when it comes to promoting the health benefits of fruits and vegetables. Physically she glows with good health and is in obvious good shape so therefore she's able to bring passion and credibility to this important message.  She has a high degree of recognition and esteem with the public which is certainly a great advantage in having her on your side.  Her diverse and varied background gives her a broad range of life experiences and on-air credits upon which she can draw to enrich any kind of new project."

-Jennifer Grossman, Vice President/Dole Nutrition Institute


"I must say working with Alex McLeod was a blast! Her enthusiasm, patience and humor were much appreciated. So, too was her professionalism and interest in making sure that we got what we needed. Simply put, Alex was awesome!"

-Tamara Smith Roldan, Senior Producer/Starz! Entertainment, Direct TV Preview




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